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Billboard For Rent Florida Turnpike
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If you are looking for Billboard Rentals on the Florida Turnpike check theses out. We have billboards for sale and investment opportunities. We have many more billboards that are not listed. If you have a particular market you are interested in just ask. We have both conventional outdoor billboards for sale or rent including and digital signs. If you don't see the billboard of your choice just ask and we will custom build for you the billboards of your choice.
Tom Gunter CEO of Billboard Brokers of America,
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This web site is to give our shopper and investor a sample of some of the billboard inventory we have available at this time. Many of our billboards
are sold the same day they come in before we have a chance to list them. Ask about becoming a Preferred Client and we will place you on
our email "Will Call List For Preferred Clients " you will receive the new listings first via e-mail the day they become available. All sales are on a
first call basis.  

Investors this is a still a buyer's market, if you are serious about getting into the billboard business or want to increase your billboard inventory the time
has never been better. Whether you are looking to buy 1 billboard or 500 billboards you are at the right place. If we don't have the digital billboard or
billboard of your choice we will find the location and custom build one for you. We are your one stop billboard sales and development company.
                                                 COVERING ALL OF AMERICA FROM COAST TO COAST

We service all of the United States, Canada and parts of Mexico and the Caribbean. We have many new properties come in and are sold the same
day. Most of these properties are located in the top 100 outdoor advertising markets while others are located in the surrounding smaller cities and
towns across America in prime locations. If you need help selling the advertising we will show you how to jump start your new outdoor billboard

Billboard Property Leases.
 We have billboard property leases for both digital LED billboards and conventional static billboards. If we don't have what
you are looking for we will help you find and build it.  

International Investors welcome! We build and ship to any country having treaties with the United States. We also manage International billboard
development and investments for our clients. Don't hesitate to contact our company with any question you may have.

I have personally been dedicated to sales and development of outdoor advertising for over 46 years and it always been my goal to earn our clients
business. We go far beyond the ordinary for customer service and satisfaction, personally standing behind every product we sell.

I want to build you a billboard cash flow machine!                 

Thomas Gunter
                                                   THE FLORIDA TURNPIKE BILLBOARDS FOR RENT

THE FLORIDA TURNPIKE - The Florida's Turnpike, also known as the Ronald Reagan Turnpike, in its very beginning was known as the Sunshine
State Parkway. It is a north - south toll road that stretches over 312 miles through the heart of Florida. Many travelers begin their journey in south Florida
at Florida City and travel north through 11 Florida counties including the cities of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach where it parallels Interstate 95.
At Orlando it crosses Interstate 4, and finally at its most northern point it merges into Interstate 75 near Wildwood, Florida.

The billboards on the Florida Turnpike I have for rent are listed above 1, 2, 3 and 4 all read northbound on the Florida Turnpike reading into merger of I-75 and the last exit before the merger US Highway 301 exit into the city of Wildwood which adjoins "The Villages" one of Florida's leading retirement communities.
Florida Billboard For Rent 2
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Billboard For Rent, Wildwood
If you are looking for a Billboard on The Florida Turnpike for Sale or Rent check out the billboards below located 5 miles before the merger of I-75 and 2 miles before the US 301 exit, better known as the exit for Wildwood and The Villages. Great Visibility! Great Traffic Count!
Great Prices!