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                                                   14 THINGS EVERY DIGITAL BILLBOARD OWNER SHOULD KNOW

1)    DIGITAL  BILLBOARD ROI: A good digital billboard can give you a 100% return on capital investment in 18 to 24 months, sometimes less.

2)    BILLBOARD PROPERTY LEASES: Most billboards are installed on lease property ranging from 10 years to 30 year leases.  The longer the better.

3)    DIGITAL BILLBOARD COST: An average single face digit billboard 10' H X 36' W X 40' H installed cost about $286,000.00.and $300,000.00 to build

4)    BILLBOARD PROPERTY LEASE:  The Property location rent is generally between 15% to 20% of the net income.

5)     ADVERTISING COMPANY EXPENSES: Advertising clients pay for the artwork, printing, and installation of their ads plus their sales commissions.

6)    NET PROFIT: After you get your capital investment back you should net between 60% to 70% percent of the annual gross income on a digital
       billboard in a good location.  A lot of this depends on how well you negotiated your billboard property lease.   

7)    BILLBOARD FEDERAL INCOME TAX: You can write your billboard investment off 100% on depreciations.

8)    BILLBOARD INSURANCE: On a standard digital billboards insurance can start around $1500.00 a year. Shop for the best rates.

9)    DIGITAL ELECTRIC: Electric on average outdoor digitals can range from $300 to $400 per month depending on where you are geographically
       located plus  the size of your digital.

10)   BILLBOARD ANNUAL PERMIT FEES: Annual permits fees depend on the geographically located. As your state and city officials.

11)   TANGIBLE PROPERTY TAX: It varies from one geographical located to another. Ask your local property taxing authority
12)   DIGITAL GUARANTEES: Digitals are normally guaranteed for 5 years plus  Most digitals are manufactured to burn for 100,000 hours of continuous
        service. Digitals are extremely low voltage and low maintenance which means low electric billboards.  

13)   DIGITAL BILLBOARD ENGINEERING:  Digital billboards are engineered today to withstand up to 115 to 125 miles per hour.

14)   DIGITAL BILLBOARDS AND THE INTERNET.   Digital billboards can be remotely operated from your computer, smartphone or iPad.
         You can live in New York City and operate a digital billboard in Los Angeles or London via Internet.

Your Digital billboard's onboard computer can print out your advertising activities on your local printer of every ad that ran that day, that week,
that month, making bookkeeping simple and foolproof. With your computer, iPad or cell phone and Internet connection, you can add or change
the advertising on your digital billboard with the click of a few keys from any place in the world that has an Internet connection.  
Billboard Brokers of America, LLC offers a wide variety of billboards and digital billboard sales.

We buy, sell and develop outdoor billboards and have digital billboard sales across the USA from coast to coast
including, Canada and the Caribbean. We Ship Internationally

Did You Know?

One Digital Billboard In a Great Location Can Average $24,000.00 to $80,000.00 a Month? Even More!
Welcome to Billboard Brokers of America, LLC, my name is Thomas “Tom” Gunter everyone calls me Tom. I have 50 plus years of experience in    
the outdoor advertising industry and I would like to share some facts with you to help give you a better insight of the digital outdoor advertising
industry and help make your outdoor advertising venture one of success.
We are a turnkey outdoor billboard and digital billboard sales and development company. We offer the following services:

  • Consulting
  • Digital Billboard Locations
  • Digital Billboard Installations
  • Digital Billboards at Discounted Prices
  • Digital Billboard Management
  • Sales
  • Rentals

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                                                                                                                                                                                              By Thomas Gunter
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If you are looking for an investment that will deliver quicker and higher returns on your dollars think outdoor billboard advertising. If you have the funds and want to take it to the next level Think digital outdoor advertising! Digital billboards in the right locations bring in amazing ROI for their owners!
You may want to visit my web site at the links below and see the many services my company and I have to offer and assist in helping you find the right billboards and locations for you.
At the end of the day this is all about ROI (Return On Investment) and it is my mission to help you cut through the chase and get down to the  business of making the highest return on your investment dollar. I will start with a brief outline of the nuts and bolts of this business and save you a lot of time and research. I have already did all of the initial work for you.
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