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                                   BILLBOARD PROPERTY LEASES & INVESTMENTS

If you are looking to the buy, build or rent a billboard in Hollywood, the Los Angeles area, or the state of California be sure to contact
Billboard Brokers of America, LLC and let us help you find the outdoor billboards that is right for you.   

We have properties for both Digital LED Billboards and Conventional Static Billboards. If we don't have it we will find one for you.  

We ship, build and manage
billboards across America. Don't hesitate to contact my company with any question you may have about  
billboard investing.

I have personally been dedicated to the sales and development of outdoor advertising for 46+ years. My goal and mission has always been dedicated to earning our clients business by finding, building and selling the best billboard products and service available. We go far beyond the ordinary to satisfy the needs of our clients and personally stand behind every product we sell and service.

Across The United States From Coast to Coast and Around The World
Thomas Gunter
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Billboard Brokers of America, LLC
Tom Gunter CEO Billboard Brokers of America
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Billboard Brokers of America has over 2,700 commercial properties listed across the United States, parts of Canada and Mexico
for billboard development. Most of these properties are located in the top 100 outdoor advertising
billboard sales markets while
others are located in the surrounding smaller cities and towns and communities across America. Many are also prime billboards
properties just waiting to be researched and built. If we don't have the property you want we will find one for you.  If it is not built
we will build it for you. If you need help selling the advertising we will help you find advertisers.  If for any reason you ever decide
to sell, we will sell it for you.


                                              HOLLYWOOD FAMOUS LANDMARK BILLBOARD

THE HOLLYWOOD BILLBOARD: The famous Hollywood sign once read HOLLYWOOD LAND?  It was originally created for a real
estate development in 1923. It was  located on Mount Lee in Hollywood Hills in the Santa Monica Mountains overlooking beautiful
downtown Hollywood and the city of Los Angeles.

Today it is 45 foot tall and 350 foot long and the letters "LAND"  has long since been dropped and it spells out "HOLLYWOOD" and
since became a world famous iconic public landmark. In 1973 The City of Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Board gave the Hollywood
Sign official landmark status by making it Monument #111. It was a celebrated Hollywood tradition in a ceremony hosted by Gloria Swanson. Unfortunately the event was interrupted by inclement weather, a heavy fog.   Sorry this one is not for sale or rent.
                                             HOLLYWOOD'S FAMOUS MARLBORO COWBOY

THE FAMOUS MARLBORO COWBOY BILLBOARD: formally located on Sunset Boulevard at the corner of Marmont Lane in
Hollywood was another iconic Hollywood billboard.  For over 17 years the 70 foot tall cowboy greeted tourist and locals as the
rugged male image of the Marlboro cigarette company.

On March 10, 1999 as part of a $206 billion dollar settlement with the tobacco companies the Sunset Boulevard Marlboro
Cowboy took his last puff of smoke. As on lookers stood in the rain and watched workers disassembled him one piece at a time
as the Marlboro cowboy passed into pages of Hollywood's billboard history.  

                                                                                                                                                                          By   Thomas Gunter
smoking cowboy billboard