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50th anniversary
50th anniversary
billboard consultant
"Since 1963"
Investors Find Your Financial Freedom Today!
Whether you or new to the world of outdoor advertising or a pro, sometimes we all need
a second opinion or advice from someone with experience, skills and a proven track record.
If you need a professional billboard consultant give my company a call.
Hello my name is Thomas "Tom" Gunter I have built, bought and sold billboards and billboard companies across America from coast to coast since 1963. My company and I have done outdoor advertising research and consulting for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies across America including many International companies around the world.
When you need a billboard consultant be sure to choose one with experience and with a proven track record. The outdoor advertising industry is a very lucrative industry with an annual multi-billion dollar cash flow stream. Add a winning consulting company to your team and make your next outdoor advertising experience one of success.
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For higher returns on your investment dollar contact me today at
Let's set up an appointment for a telephone conference and discuss the possibilities of
adding outdoor advertising to your portfolio.  
If you thinking about buying and investing your first billboard you have a lot of questions about how to get started? We have the experience and expertise to answer your questions.

If you are buying, selling or leasing billboard property or buying a new billboard property we can help, with over half a century working as a billboard consulting and investor we have seen a lot of billboards and billboard companies come and go.

If you want to be successful in outdoor advertising here is your chance to level the playing
field and find out how the pros make millions.

We can help you avoid the pitfalls and black holes that is in every venture. We can help answer your questions about how to get a jump start investing in the right billboard real estate. We can answer your questions on whether it is better to buy or lease a particular
billboard property, let our team do your research and billboard property evaluations for you. We can bring  you up to date with the most current outdoor billboard laws and
regulation and let you know how they will effect you. Let my company take your company to the next level.


My company and I will personally advise and guide you every step of the way, we are real  
people who take billboard investing very seriously. Being a Billboard Consultant for over
half of a century we know how the magic is done, we can show you how many investors
have increase their ROI to new levels that have not been seen since the last days before
the last  recession.  We can lower the playing field for you and help put you at the top of
your game.  This is still a buyer's market with a window of opportunity that will close as
our present economy continues to improve.

If you are on the inside of this window when this happens, you can watch your investments
soar to new levels!  
Forget IRA's and Money Markets they don't cut it any more they find it hard to keep
up with inflation.

They are not going to save you, they are barely treading water. Don't you think you  
should consider an alternative Investment before it is to late?

Think Alternative Investing " Think Outdoor Advertising".

Consult a professional today call, text or email Tom at Billboard brokers of America,
LLC. ask about Billboard Investing, the next great Alternative Investment.
Control your Digital Billboard Company from your Smart Phone from anywhere on the planet!
Consult me today about how digital billboards can give you the personal time and financial
freedom you have been waiting for!  No more long days at the office or dealing with office
personnel. Operate your new outdoor digital network from home or anywhere on the planet, all you need is access to the Internet. Live any place on the planet, operate your digital from your smart phone, iPad, laptop or desktop computer. Live in the Caribbean and operate your digital in New York, LA or anywhere,

                               We Also Offer The Following Services

                                                      BILLBOARD FOR SALE
                                                      BILLBOARD INVESTMENTS
                                                      BILLBOARD FINANCE
                                                      DIGITAL BILLBOARD SALES
                                                      BILLBOARD INSTALLATIONS
                                                      DIGITAL BILLBOARD MANAGEMENT
                                                      BILLBOARD DEVELOPMENT
                                                      BILLBOARD PROPERTY SALES
                                                      BILLBOARD PROPERTY RENTALS
                                                      DIGITAL BILLBOARD SALES AND SERVICE
                                                      BILLBOARD APPRAISALS
                                                      LED INSTALLATIONS

If you have questions about Billboard Investing consult Tom today.   Set up a telephone conference to discuss how our company can show you to build your own cash flow stream to subsidize your present Income or retirement. Outdoor billboards
can increase your personal wealth.
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Billboard Consultant - Future
Consult me today about how Digital Outdoor Billboards can increase the return on your
investments. 35% of today's outdoor advertising revenue is generated by digital billboards.
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Digital Billboard Investments For Higher Returns On Your investment Capital
Let Me Show You How To Cash in on the Outdoor Billboard Advertising Industry today and never leave
the comforts of your home or travel halfway around the world and run your digital from almost anywhere,
all you need is Internet. I was recently changing my digital advertising from over 6000 miles away while
on a ship while on vacation in the South Pacific.

It was fast, it was easy, and it was instant, and I could see my changes in real time on my computer screen  
via the on board digital billboard cameras. You no longer do you need a large office filled with  employees   
to own and operate your own digital outdoor advertising company. Owning you own Digital billboard
business has never been easier.
Get back in the game, start making a great return on your investment today. Let me show you how to build
a digital billboard cash flow machine. Did you know one digital billboard in the right location can generate
between $20,000.00 to $80,000.00 a month? Install that same billboard in a strategic location and gross
over $100,000.00 a month.  
Why would you want to invest in a billboard rental property instead of rental houses, apartments,
commercial buildings? Simple answer less overhead, less maintenance, less tenant aggravation,
all of this ads up to a higher bottom line and a higher return on investment. Higher return on
investment also makes for a happier lifestyle and  more free personal time to enjoy life.

Ask for a copy on my article about  "How To Invest In Outdoor Advertising " it's free for the asking
email me at  
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     Thomas Tom Gunter CEO
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